Couple Treatments



Get flirty! Get cozy! Get playful! And stay in the mood for love! This treatment is a tribute to loved couples who enjoy every little moment together, who are playful and like to indulge in their partner’s surprises. This treatment is dedicated to that love which makes you feel free, that love which inspires you, that love which makes you want to try new things. Choose to delight your partner with a series of totally custom-made options of body mask and massage oils, infused with a personalized combination, chosen among various elegant spicy, fruity, earthy aromas and flavors that promise to revitalize all your senses. Delicious, warm chocolate, fresh, cooling yoghurt, sweet, aromatic Greek honey, mouthwatering, juicy fruits, sensual ylang-ylang, enticing frankincense, spicy black pepper, captivating cinnamon, sparkling citruses, tempting vanilla, delicate flowers, blend divinely creating a perfect sense of well-being.

Duration: 1h 15min / 110€


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